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Q&A to the most frequently asked questions on the scholarships:

1. Is the amount of the scholarship always €1,000 for degree students?
In general, the scholarship for a degree student is €1,000. However, it possible to make an exception if the applicant has good justifications.

2. What kind of expenses is the scholarship meant for?
The scholarship is meant for travel expenses, research expenses (e.g. interlibrary loans, copies and printouts) or for general costs of living such as rent. The purpose for which the scholarship is applied for has to be indicated in the attachment to the application.

3. At what point of my studies should I apply for the scholarship?
Apply for the scholarships towards the end of your studies. They are particularly meant for completing the Master's thesis.

4. Can I apply for the scholarship retrospectively?
The scholarships are meant for expenses that occur after the application period has ended, i.e. you cannot apply for a scholarship for a Master's thesis that will be completed before the application period has ended. However, the scholarship can be applied for a Master's thesis that will be completed after the application period has ended but before the scholarship awarding ceremony in the spring.

5. Why do I have to return the application and attachments in two copies?
The University Society keeps one of the applications and the second is sent for an evaluation to an expert selected by the Board of the University Society.

6. Why can't I bring the application to the University Society office instead of mailing it?
There are no full-time employees working at the office of the University Society who could accept the applications personally.